Friday, June 10, 2011

Eyelashes 67/365

Eyelashes 67/365 by linaloo1
Eyelashes 67/365, a photo by linaloo1 on Flickr.

I would like to recant my statement about makeup. Yes, sometimes I don't feel that pretty. So I uise makeup and straighten my hair. What I meant to say is that maekup and hair straighteners and etc should not be a major priority. You shouldn't focus on how ugly you feel! Everyone is beautiful in their own way! (picture courtesy of linaloo1)


  1. i wish i had eyelashes like that, screw natural beauty i want some of that drew barrymore mascara

  2. Dude!!! This is about trying to learn that you ARE beautiful. Naturally!

  3. (my friend posted the first comment, so I WAS DIRECTING MY COMMENT TO HER, NOT EVERYONE ELSE! woops, stupid caps lock