Saturday, August 20, 2011

Relationships...yep I got something to say about them...maybe a little bit of rambling too...don't blame me, I haven't blogged in a while. Okay so I am going to have to post my posts in the title box because Blogspot doesn't like me. So here it goes:Alright, first off, I must say that I like relationships (romantic relationships to be more specific). So I am not going to ward them off. Lemme just say a few things about this: Befriend a person before the dating begins. I seem to think it helps, but I haven't had much experience....But it seems that relationships last longer and are more comfortable if you know the person well before you start dating. And the other thing. Have you ever heard someone say, " I want a girl/guy who makes me go through God to get to them"? Or something like that? Well it IS true. But it is hard to understand until you find someone like that. God is their first priority. I frequently struggle with that and I'm sure many others do too. I found it once. It was truly amazing to see what he could do. I mean, no matter what happened, no matter what difficulties he went through, he still could look to God for all the answers. I'm still not sure how he is able to achieve this, but it is truly amazing. It helped me too. Seeing him able to do all of this inspires me to try harder with my struggling faith. That is the kind of person you want to find. And obviously, not everyone is like that. But hey, if you find one, keep them. Or strive to have lots of faith. Bless y'all! Being a teen can be weeeeeeeeeeeird sometimes. :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What makes you happy? I have a hard time with that question too! Well currently I am reading Fahrenheit 451 and let me tell you, it is baffling! For those who haven't read this classic, this book takes place in the future. Basically, it's a world full of superficiality. Short school days, all everyone does is play, or watch a televisor. Now that may sound fun sometimes, but people are just hollow shells, no potential for  anything. And the worst part is, all books in the world are burned! There are firemen who burn them. Supposedly books are bad, but really they are burned to keep people from free thinking. Well Guy Montag (a fireman) has had enough. He starts to wonder what the big deal is about books.  Maybe he will find the answer to life. Maybe he will find happiness. All he wants is to be happy and find some kind of fulfillment in life. But he is unable to find it in Christ because this superficial world Guy lives in has changed the image of Christ to be no more than a silly cartoon advertiser! Oh what Guy must be thinking. I must read on!

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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Sometimes sin is like food. Sometimes church is like exercise. After going to church you feel so ravenous and hungry for Christ. You just can't get enough. But as soon as you indulge in sin, you're full. There's no more room for God! But reading the Bible fills you up with 'fruit' knowledge. So try to indulge yourself in the Bible and becoming full with the word of Christ. And if you have a hard time doing that, just know that you ARE NOT alone. I, for one thing have a very hard time reading my Bible. I need to strive to read in WAY more than I do! So you're not alone! Plus, reading the Bible may solve all your problems! Today in youth group we read Collosians 3. It talks about how God's chosen people (all true believers) should be like: compassionate, kind, humble, gentle, patience, forgiving and loving!