Sunday, July 10, 2011


Sometimes sin is like food. Sometimes church is like exercise. After going to church you feel so ravenous and hungry for Christ. You just can't get enough. But as soon as you indulge in sin, you're full. There's no more room for God! But reading the Bible fills you up with 'fruit' knowledge. So try to indulge yourself in the Bible and becoming full with the word of Christ. And if you have a hard time doing that, just know that you ARE NOT alone. I, for one thing have a very hard time reading my Bible. I need to strive to read in WAY more than I do! So you're not alone! Plus, reading the Bible may solve all your problems! Today in youth group we read Collosians 3. It talks about how God's chosen people (all true believers) should be like: compassionate, kind, humble, gentle, patience, forgiving and loving!

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