Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What makes you happy? I have a hard time with that question too! Well currently I am reading Fahrenheit 451 and let me tell you, it is baffling! For those who haven't read this classic, this book takes place in the future. Basically, it's a world full of superficiality. Short school days, all everyone does is play, or watch a televisor. Now that may sound fun sometimes, but people are just hollow shells, no potential for  anything. And the worst part is, all books in the world are burned! There are firemen who burn them. Supposedly books are bad, but really they are burned to keep people from free thinking. Well Guy Montag (a fireman) has had enough. He starts to wonder what the big deal is about books.  Maybe he will find the answer to life. Maybe he will find happiness. All he wants is to be happy and find some kind of fulfillment in life. But he is unable to find it in Christ because this superficial world Guy lives in has changed the image of Christ to be no more than a silly cartoon advertiser! Oh what Guy must be thinking. I must read on!

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